Friday, March 21, 2014

New Latin But Cool Vinyl Coming Out

ANA TIJOUX-Vengo (Nacional Records, 2014): For a while, after her departure from Makiza, I remember Ana Tijoux was trying to detach herself from the confines of hip-hop, break away from the genre's inner restrictions and put out records that could appeal to people of all walks of life. Paradoxically, however, she finally achieved that massive crossover appeal with the release of her second solo album, 1977, which was all about true-school boom-bap beats and even had lyrics about the art of MCing. With Vengo, I have the feeling she's going back to her original intentions. She's got the audience's captive attention. The whole world is infatuated with her. So now she's like fuck classic hip-hop, lets explore what's beyond. She still raps, of course, but musically, aesthetically and even thematically Vengo is not a hip-hop album. It's a whatever-you-call-Calle-13's-music album. And that's dope. I know a lot of b-boys and true-school hip-hop aficionados who fucking hate Calle 13 and they probably gonna react the same way to Ana's latest effort--for god's sake, there're are more pan flutes and charangos than sampled breaks and scratches. But what can you do? Haters gonna hate and Mademoiselle Tijoux will captivate an even greater audience. Also, for the real hip-hop fans, right around the same time this album dropped, Nacional Records announced the release of 1977 on vinyl. Yeah, 4 years too late, but finally! Vengo will also be pressed on vinyl soon, even though this is probably her least DJ-friendly album, but just for the amazing art, I'm definitely ordering a copy of it. Download the HERE. Look out for the vinyl on Amazon.

ORQUESTA EL MACABEO-Lluvia Con Sol (Meneo, 2013): "Lluvia con sol," the song, was my favorite of last year and it still remains as one of my all-time favorite salsa songs (of course that's a very short list, because, as you know, I'm not a salsero). Anyway, that song was included las year in Salsa Bestial, a compilation of their previous work they did for the European market, through VampiSoul. Now, I finally got the album where that song belongs and it's equally high-quality, non-cheesy salsa. There aren't any surprises and "Lluvia con sol" is still their best song but I definitely recommend this for anybody who's even remotely curious about salsa. There're is also a 7'' pressing of two of the tracks in this LP available. Order yours HERE.

SANTERO-Tambores De Africa/El Besito (Baylando Records, 2014): This one is the joint. I played the MP3 quite a bit and now that they finally released it on high-quality, purple 7'' vinyl I can play it a lot more on my sets. Crowd's reaction have been unanimously positive. The afrobeat infectious track is a transnational collaboration with additional production by El Kool Kyle and vocals by Boogat. The B-side is more highlife and I haven't managed to sneak it into my sets yet. You can get the MP3 from the label's website or look for the 7'' on eBay.

P3CULIAR-Role Play (Casete/Kin Kon Records, 2014): Marcelo is well known in New York's Latin alternative avant guard as a nightlife personality, trend-setter, provocateur, bon vivant, DJ, blogger, model, ultimate ambiguous hipster divo. But he's also a producer and here we have his debut LP as P3Culiar, a project he put together with a bunch of other collaborators and under the artistic guidance of Kinky's Ulises Lozano. As you might be able to infer, there's a lot of glam and electroclash going on in this role-playing orgy, but also some very sexy ñu-cumbias and even some rap. A vinyl LP edition is currently being crowd-funded and I'd usually wait until I have the record in my hands to publish a review here, but I had a boner for this one so couldn't wait for it. Help Marcelo with his wet dream HERE.