Friday, November 15, 2013

G-FLUX-Ritmo Universal/Meneito (Electric Cowbell Records, 2013)

Electric Cowbell has an amazingly eclectic catalog, rich in Latin But Cool gems many of which are mandatory in all my vinyl sets. But, overall, they always lean more towards the soulful, rootsy stuff than the electronic. That's why, when G-Flux told me he'd be coming out with a 7'' vinyl single off his latest album through Electric Cowbell, I was like "really?"
It's not like it's completely out of context in the label's catalog, but it's definitely not their usual direction. Still, they're a nice couple of ñu-cumbia tracks worth having in your arsenal, with collaborations by some of Mexico's genre leaders: ultra-kitsch performers Afrodita and my personal favorites Los Master Plus (who, by the way, should have a lot more of their music pressed on vinyl). Afrodita's track also has guitars added by Peruvian chicha legend José Luís Carballo. Both are dance-floor-oriented tracks, with simple, silly lyrics encouraging people to move, nothing revolutionary there, but adequate to the tracks' purpose and funny at moments (Los Master Plus have an incomparable sense of humor when writing their rhymes, however this, for some reason, shows a lot better when they do bastard covers of Gringo songs than their own compositions). Buy it HERE.