Friday, October 25, 2013

CONJUNTO PAPA UPA-Camuri Chico/Vintage Voudou (Music With Soul, 2013)

I've only played this one just once but I instantly knew that it'll remain as a mandatory visit in all my future playlists forever. I wasn't familiar with the artist (apparently he's from Venezuela but lives in Amsterdam) so I didn't have any expectations of preconceived notions, all I know is that I'm not a big fan of traditional Venezuelan music, the way I am of Colombian music. But man, this blew my mind and made me wonder if there's more music like this hiding in dusty records in some basement in Caracas. It definitely has some cumbia elements in the rhythm, and chicha influences in the psychedelic guitar and an overall 70's tropicalia feel, but it's none of the above, it's its on thing. Plus, there're some monumental percussion breaks. So, even if you gotta pay for international shipping, you really can't afford to miss this one. Buy it HERE.

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