Saturday, August 31, 2013


QUANTIC & ANITA TIJOUX-That Thing/Entre Rejas (Tru Thoughts, 2013): This one has all the ingredients to please Juan Data ultimate fetishistic fantasy. It has one of my favorite producers Quantic and my all time favorite femcee and friend Ana Tijoux (reclaiming her old-school name Anita) collaborating again (I'd love to see them put a whole album together), it has soulful cumbia and hip-hop, it is pressed in a beautifully packed 7'' record and it has an ass on the cover! It's like somebody read my mind and decided to do this with the explicit and exclusive intention of making my mind blow into pieces. I played it last week at Remezcla's party in SF and it sounded great. I got two copies, I suggest you get at least one, this is gonna be a collectible item. Buy it here.

ELASTIC BOND-Real (Nacional Records, 2013): Nacional Records is really getting their act together and putting out some unexpected dope stuff lately. First they released that Adrián Quesada-produced second album by Natalia Clavier and now this one. Two albums with deep roots in Latin soul music in just a couple of months. Plus, both are done by US-based artists which is a great sign because, historically, with only a couple of exceptions, Nacional has mainly distributed for the US market music that was already released successfully abroad. The fact that they took the risk of signing a small, new band of local musicians (they're from Miami, FL, of all places!) I think is great for the scene. I loved Elastic Bond's self-released demo, last year, and this proper debut album is even better. It has some cumbia, some Latin house, plenty of funky beats, a couple of mellow chill moments, some Brazilian influences and a great female vocalist... I mean, what's not to love about this, really? Buy it here.

TREMOR-Proa (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2013): Tremor is one of the artists that came out of the ZZK stable that I play the least in my sets and it's not because I dislike them, it's not because they're bad. On the contrary, they might be too good, if there's such a thing. But their music is too complex, experimental, and weird to be played at any DJ set I get to mix and that's OK, because I don't think they have crappy DJs like myself in mind when they carefully put together those magic-filled tracks. These cats are definitely into some next level avant-guard shit and I imagine they must trip their balls off when doing their thing in the studio because I listen to their music and that's all I want to do. There has not been any public statement on why they are releasing this through Nickodemus' label instead of ZZK and I don't have an inside scoop on it so I won't speculate. If you DJ at art galleries or you like listening to trippy shit on your headphones while you get stratospherically high, I suggest you get a copy of this. Buy it here.

LASCAMÃO-Rufar dos Tamborins (Names You Can Trust, 2013): You used to be able to trust Names You Can Trust for hard-hitting funky stuff, you know, the GRC style that gets everybody dancing. Lately, however, they've been going a little more into the experimental route with stuff like Meridian Brothers, Mecánica Popular and Aillacara 2743, even the latest Frente Cumbiero release was a crazy experimental. I'm down for some crazy stuff like that every once in a while, but when I'm DJing a set, I mainly wanna bring people out to the dancefloor and most of that stuff can be a bit too weird, specially for the Latino crowd that aren't necessarily the most open minded fellas. Anyway, this latest release by NYCT is all about dancefloor-igniting drumming madness, while it's still very experimental, the up-tempo batucada beats will definitely get the girls to come out and shake their bundas. A must have. Buy it here.

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