Thursday, May 30, 2013

POSTALES Soundtrack (Car-Del/Colemine, 2013)

I'm not big into soundtracks, but they rarely get pressed in vinyl anymore, so I didn't miss my chance to get a copy of this one.
I haven't seen the movie and for what I can infer by watching the trailer it's about some White gringos going to Machu Pichu, in Perú, and of course the young girl in the family falls for a street kid from Cuzco who doesn't speak a word of English while there's some sort of conspiracy to build some resort for foreigners at the expense of the locals rich heritage. In other words, everything that appeals to the white-liberal-guilt of the gringo audience.
With all these clichés I wasn't particularly dying to go watch this flick, but I instantly dug the soundtrack. It has elements of soul and dub, mixed in with chicha and spagetti western and it's mainly composed and performed by Los Sospechos. I have no idea who Los Sospechos are or what the name means (is it a misspelling of Los Sospechosos?) but I had one of their 7'' singles that Colemine released a while back and I liked it quite a bit. I think the band has common members with Budos Band, or actually, that's all I could find about them online in the thorough twenty-five-second research I just did before writing this line. The thing is, it doesn't matter. I've been playing this album a lot for the past couple of weeks at home while I cook and I love it. It's mostly all chill instrumentals with a distinctive retro sound, plus two dreamy tracks with vocals by Las Hermanas Ponce de León (I won't even bother googling them) and a short Andean folk tune. If I was more into sampling I bet I'd find some awesome loops and breaks in here and then have somebody lay some rap verses on top.

Buy it here.

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Functional Fitness USA said...

Thanks for liking the soundtrack. The film is coming out soon. The film will hopefully break out of those cliches in the trailer.

The soundtrack is a real gem. It's great for cooking, "Nadie Puede Escapar."