Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MEXICAN DUBWISER-Revolution Radio (Kin Kin Records, 2013)

Marcelo Tijerina, a.k.a. Mexican Dubwiser has been in this ñu-cumbia thing since the very beginnings of the genre. In fact, as I've already mentioned on this blog before, he was of a great influence to me at one point, because he was the first DJ I saw spinning Toy Selectah-produced cumbia remixes back when I still didn't have the balls to do so myself. It was after I saw him opening for Kinky that I said to myself, hey, I could be doing that myself, that could be me. And eventually that led me to create that new DJ persona that started spinning ñu-cumbia in San Francisco's scene back in late 2006.
It took him a long time and a bunch of hard work and perseverance, but after all those many years and a couple of successful bootleg comp releases, Mexican Dubwiser finally got his official debut album out.
It's packed to the rim with top-notch guests and there's a second disc (in the Mexican version of the album only) with plenty of remixes. As expected cumbia is the glue that holds it all together but there are many other spices in the mix. Now of course, ñu-cumbia isn't really blog-worthy news anymore and most of the hipsters who were into it a couple of years ago now are impatiently looking at their Twitter feed to see what's the next cool thing coming after moombahton. Marcelo isn't here to please those types trying to come up with the next cumbia-trap bullshit. Leave that to soundcloud babies, I say. There are some really good joints here for those true heads who stuck around and I'll be spinning them next time I have a chance.

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I need to how to write said...

Why has your blogged stopped? you are my favorite music blogger:) did you pass away?

Juan Data said...

I didn't pass away. I got a full time job.