Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SUPER SPANISH COMBO-Llegó El Combo (Fresh Kingdom, 2013)

Spain has been for many years the capital of rap purism. When it comes to rap in Cervantes' language, these guys pretty much set the standards back in the late nineties, and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, outside of the US, followed suit. Spain has given us some of the most talented lyricists and beat makers but it also made Spanish-language rap boring, too academic and totally undanceable. I have a pile of vinyl records from that scene and some of them are amongst my all-time favorites (SFDK, Violadores del Verso, Sólo Los Solo, Tremendo), I value these as some of the most precious pieces of my collection, however I never pull them out when I go DJ at a party because it'd be impossible to make anybody dance with them.
Fortunately there are worthy exemptions to every rule. Enter Spanish Super Combo. I'm sure most of those backpacker b-boy purist of the Spanish rap golden era will totally dismiss this, the same way they dismissed Orishas and pretty much everybody else that tried to make their Spanish rhymes flow over dance floor-friendly beats with samples and/or arrangements of Afro-Latin music. I know this for a fact because I was one of those purists back then. For us everybody that was trying to mix rap with Latin beats was a sellout, was going commercial. Rap had to be all about brain-hurting, tongue-twisting, elaborate rhymes.
Well, fuck that. I wanna make people dance and these guys had found the perfect balance between rap and dope instrumental beats to please the most diverse crowds, even if they don't understand any Spanish. True, they don't have much of a "deep" message (they're a sort of a party band after all) and they most probably could never come up with a composition of Tote King's caliber but they have something all those purists lack, they have funky catchy beats that will get the Latina hotties in the club to shake their booty. So I can predict they'll be selling a lot of this vinyl LP to DJ's across all Europe and beyond, even to ñu-cumbia DJs who aren't into hip-hop at all will dig this. Also, the packaging art is pretty cool. Definitely worth paying for the international shipping.

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Edwin Rivera said...

I love your blogs!!! Thank you so much for taking the time out and educating us with this incredible music. God Bless