Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DAPUNTOBEAT-I/O (Creme Deluxe Records, 2013)

First I look at the presentation and I'm all like wow! I can't simply wrap my head around the idea of a Mexican indie band releasing their music  in this format: clear vinyl LP with a plastic clear sleeve. I mean, these guys must be huge (or be spoiled the sons of rich parents) to get their music pressed in this prestigious and extra-expensive format. 
My next obvious thought is: why isn't anybody, this side of the border, talking about them? 
And the answer is a bit depressing. It's not that their music isn't good enough, it's that their music isn't Latin enough, so it doesn't quite fit the strict rules of the segmented US music market.
This record has ten million more chances of being picked up to be played on my DJ sets than anything Nortec has ever released. Still, the media, the labels, the critics and the public in the US love Nortec mainly because of their use of chuntie norteño samples over their clunky techno. Dapuntobeat just makes some dope straight-up funky electronic dance beats (somewhere between Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem) and if it wasn't for their Spanish lyrics (which are present on just a few tracks) you wouldn't be able to tell they're from Latin America. So, in essence, they don't have the exotic south-of-the-border flavor that modern Latin needs in order to be marketed to the US-based crowds. Fucking sad. 
But at the same time I'm happy they're sticking to their guns. If they'd start playing congas over every beat and wearing ironic sombreros or pointy boots they'd probably get signed by a US-based label like Nacional and then their music wouldn't be pressed on vinyl like this any more. 

Buy it on iTunes (vinyl currently available exclusively in Mexico)

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