Friday, February 1, 2013

VERY BE CAREFUL-El Millonario/El Rapidol (Steady Beat, 2013)

The best US-based vallenato band ever is also the only one I know of. Honestly, as much as I love cumbia, I'm not a big fan of its cousin vallenato so I don't really follow any artist of this genre. Mainly because of the cheesy pop-vallenato that became mainstream in Colombia in the '90s and pretty much ruined it for me. 
But this LA dudes are nothing like that, so they have all my respect. This guys play vallenato with attitude, an attitude mixed of nostalgia and punk-rock drunkenness and they do it right. 
Best of all, they've been doing it since way before it was  hipster-cool to listen to cumbia or any traditional Colombian music for the matter. And even better, they been pressing it on vinyl since way before it was retro-cool to own a turntable again. 
How come? Basically because as the band name and the art that comes with their releases might indicate they really don't give a fuck, they just do their thing, their way and don't follow any fads or music trends and it's been historically proven that if you don't give a fuck and you persever long enough, sooner or later, the people that matter will get you and appreciate what you're doing and create a whole cult following around you. That's how Very Be Careful does it and if you wanna join the cult, I suggest you grab a copy of their latest limited edition 7'' release. Plus there's a really dope upbeat dance track there. 

Buy it here.

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