Monday, January 7, 2013

EMPRESARIOS-El Sonido Mágico (Fort Knox Recordings, 2012)

Empresarios' second full length album came out a couple of months ago and didn't get the exposure it deserved. I'm in part guilty for this, I neglected it and I didn't give it the time to actually listen to the whole thing, from beginning to end, until this past weekend. Now I feel bad because I should've been paying more attention to it. 
It's a great album, the problem, I think, was that they overwhelmed me (and maybe others out there like me) with so many EPs and remixes during year so, so by the time the album finally came out I just saw the playlist and I was like, "whatever, I already have most of the tracks anyway, why bother?"
Now when I finally put the CD on the home stereo the other day and listened to the whole thing, well, it was a different experience and it made more sense than the lose track, here and there, lost in my playlist. It made me appreciate a lot more the wide range of styles these guys have mastered, and incorporated since their splendid debut. I particularly enjoyed the addition of dance-floor-oriented house tracks. The trippy, dubby side, explored on the instrumental tracks has always been delicious, and that didn't change. There was no other "Cumbia" like the one on their debut, the track that made me turn my attention towards them on the first place and there's a bit of reggaetón and other stuff that doesn't really go with my palate but I can tolerate in contained doses. Also, the intro is pretty awesome.
Empresarios is mainly a party band, they don't have much of a message, no deep content in their lyrics, they just want you to enjoy some good music with positive vibes and dance so if that's what you're into, you'll love this since the production is top-notch. For me, coming from my underground hip-hop background, sometimes its hard to tune off the lyrics part and focus on the music, and maybe that's why I always prefer their instrumental tracks. Fortunately they have plenty of everything to please a heterodox crowd, from the most eclectic to the mainstream latin urban radio listeners. Unfortunately there was no vinyl release of this one.

Buy it here or here.

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