Monday, January 14, 2013

DJ NU-MARK-Tropicalifornia/Oyá-Indebuê (Hot Plate Records, 2012)

This one came out a few months ago, in fact I've already wrote about it on Remezcla, but now I finally got it on vinyl and I was so excited I had to post it here too.
I've been playing the digital version of "Tropicalifornia" sporadically in my sets and I even think I've played it on my podcast once. It's a pretty cool track with a fucking amazing video, one of the bests of 2012
The b-side, however I had not payed attention to until today and I was instantly enamored by it. It has some really dope Afro-Brazilian upbeat funky beat that will definitely make it into my sets, maybe even more than the track with Quantic, that's a bit more on the laid-back side.
Anyway, the reason I didn't get around to buy this gorgeous piece of collectible 10'' vinyl until now was because I was waiting for volume 5 of the series to order them all together. I think Nu-Mark had a really good idea in the way he released and marketed this ambitious project. Instead of releasing the LP first, he took his time to deliver these 10'' singles one by one (each one comes with acapellas and instrumentals) and then when the whole five installments were out he finally delivered it as a whole album. A genius maneuver to please his loyal fan-base of diggers and real vinyl appreciators. And at the same time he gave a lot of the tracks for free as MP3s, for the rest of the non-vinyl-fetishist mortals. I wish more labels were taking this sort of approach (yes, I'm talking to you Nacional Records, who made me buy the latest M.I.S. album imported from Germany because you don't release it in vinyl in the US because it's not profitable, as if somehow Germany had a bigger Mexican music fan-base than your home, California!) 
Pretty awesome shit, all five volumes are worth getting (they all come pressed in different color high quality vinyl) but this one is probably the best one if you have to pick just one.

Get it here.

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