Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ACHILIFUNK-Feeling/Bad (Lovemonk, 2012)

Flamenco funk? Now that's some fusion that I hadn't thought about and it was more than a pleasant surprise to find out it actually works out great. I don't know if it's that the two genres are so compatibles or that the Achilifunk band had some sort of magic touch, but their track "Feeling" became an instant favorite of mine as soon as I put the needle on the record the first time.
I'm not familiar with the band (although, now I wanna find out a lot more about them) and I just bought this 7'' because I have a lot of respect for LoveMonk (the Spanish guys who released such amazing stuff as Gecko Turner and Martín Buscaglia) and because it says "Discos Buenos" (good records). How could I resist that?
This is a very party friendly track and the B side it's also an unexpected surprise: an instrumental cover of Michael Jacksons "Bad." So if you put the two tracks together it reads Feeling Bad, which actually is the total opposite of how you'll feel if you add this 45 to your collection.

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Unknown said...

Man, when I saw the title, Flamenco fun, I was excited to hear this. I really wanted to like it. But the vocal totally doesn't match the music, and the first part of "Feeling" is straight flamenco, which is then overwhelmed by the traditional funk sound (horns, etc) that I'm not getting much of a fusion, only a part A/part B scenario.

The cover of Bad was much better executed at the fusion, especially with no gruff vocalist clashing the styles.

Then again, could be partially due to the fact that I'm listening on crap speakers at work, at low volumes.

My 2 cents.

Dave / Del Exilio