Saturday, September 29, 2012

LATEJAPRIDE-Las Palabras Y La Tormenta (Bizarro, 2012)

These guys are truly legends in their country's scene. I'm pretty sure they are the only ones from their generation that are still active, with the same band, and still affiliated to hip-hop. Although that's a loose kind of affiliation. They're anything but purists in their approach. They're not old-school, nor are they up to date with the newest trends (although there're elements of both). They do their thing, their own way, and that must throw a lot of potential fans off.
Most other hip-hop albums I get from Latin American artists I can pretty much predict the whole album after listening to the first ten seconds of the first three songs. With Latejapride that doesn't apply.
On this new release they took an unprecedented route focusing on delicately layered synths and quirky electronic sounds, departing away from their more organic sound of their previous albums. I honestly wasn't expecting that from them. And in general terms, I'm way more attracted to golden age sample-based hip-hop and I got disenchanted with commercial hip-hop after synths became so predominant in the last decade. But that's not the case with Latejapride, they incorporated synths in their own terms, adding them to their already uncharacteristic South American hip-hop and the results are pretty dope. There's a mix between nostalgia for the 80's pop and video games (lot of 8 bit lasers) and a search for some futuristic landscape but they still have their feet well grounded in the current reality of urban Montevideo--all their lyrics are very down to earth, free of delirious ego-tripping.
If you became interested in Uruguay's rich scene after listening to the work of Bajofondo's associates Supervielle, Santullo and Campo, particularly the last one, this is a piece that will help you complete that puzzle and capture a better full picture of that tiny country. After all, they all came out from that same hip-hop underground that flourished in the mid '90s.

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