Monday, September 24, 2012

FUSIK-On The Fly/Battlefield (Independent, 2012)

If you like break-beat-centric all-instrumental funk you definitely know Breakestra. And if you're anything like me, you probably wondered more than once what would Breakestra be like if they had more of a Latin influence. Well, here's Fusik to answer to that question.
I didn't know about this Miami-based funk band until I recently saw a picture of their 45 on Spam Allstars facebook photo album. Being a huge fan  (and now also confessed stalker) of Spam Allstars I was originally excited thinking it was theirs and I've been wanting to have their music on this format since like forever (they do have a some 12''s that are mandatory on my sets and in their defense, their songs are all way too long to fit on a 7' record).
So, no it wasn't Spam Allstars but this other funk band from Southern Florida who I guess are friends or something and apparently recorded some tracks at Spam's studio, City Of Progress. That was enough to alert my curiosity so I went to their website and bought their 45 and while I was waiting for it to arrive, I got impatient and downloaded their whole digital album, Hot Skillet, as well.
And well, the album, I gotta be honest, it bored me I couldn't even finish it. I was very excited for the first couple of tracks but then it became kinda redundant, same thing again and again, especially since it's all instrumental and very much focused on the b-boy friendly breaks, which is a good thing, but lacks any kind of surprises. Not that I dislike it, that's music I wouldn't mind adding to my DJ sets, but I just don't wanna listen to it for such a long time on my iPod, you know? Break-beat records are meant to be pressed on vinyl and then dropped on your set really fast and then move on to the next thin. I love that instant rush of energy the fast syncopated drums add to the set, but it has to be like that, spontaneous, on and off, not a whole LP. That's why the 7'' made so much more sense and there was absolutely no disappointment from purchasing that one. I still haven't had a chance to play it but I'm really looking forward to doing so soon.

Buy it HERE.

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