Sunday, September 9, 2012

DJ JUAN DATA-Gloryholes 2 (Free Mixtape)

It's been a while since I last shared a mixtape. Gone are the good ol' days of my Linyerismo phase when I could spend eight hours a day for three weeks to finish a meticulously crafted sound collage of thirty minutes and then, on top of that, spend a couple more days to hand-draw a cover. I really wish I could put out another of those mixtapes, and I started plenty, but none got completed because  eventually I always end up realizing how unrealistic my goal is with my current schedule (back then I was both, single and unemployed). Also because I acquired some new obligations and priorities with the whole Bondi Blaster thing and pretty much running a record label.
Anyway, last year I released the first volume of what I thought it would be a regular series of mixtapes titled Gloryholes, focusing exclusively on my beloved 7'' vinyl records, regardless of genre. it took way too long but it's finally here, the second volume, which I forced myself to record with the excuse that I now have my very own 7'' release.
I'm pretty sure this is the longest mixtape I've shared on this blog and it's also the first one without a cartoon cover and with the Stronghold Sound logo. But still, it's basically the same simple concept from the first volume. I also wanted to focus mainly on current releases, modern stuff pressed on this format, to give a promotional extra push to all those record labels who truly love music, so much so, that they keep on releasing music in this anachronistic format! So you'll hear a bunch of stuff from labels like Electric Cowbell, Bastard Jazz, Names You Can Trust, Soundway, ESL, Kept, etc, many of which I've reviewed on this pages. Keep vinyl alive by supporting these labels and don't forget to order your copy of Bondi Blaster's 7'' HERE!

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