Thursday, August 16, 2012

MAGA BO-Quilombo Do Futuro Remixed (Post World/Crosstalk, 2012)

I bought this for one reason and one reason only, the remix by Frikstailers of "Tempos Insanos" featuring BNegão. The original was pretty good, but that remix, man, that remix is one of the best tracks released in 2012. No wonder Maga Bo chose it as the album opener. These guys truly outdo themselves every time. I really wish there were more Frikstailers joints available on vinyl, but for some reason, ZZK has been pressing vinyls of pretty much everybody else in their roster but them.
Related to this (but not at all to the Maga Bo release) ZZK finally announced they're actually pressing that Future Sound compilation on vinyl. Remember I was wondering about that? Well, there we'll have yet another killer track by the Friki duo and I honestly can't wait to be able to add it to my vinyl set.
Going back to Maga Bo, the Brazil-resident gringo did a pretty good job with his album released earlier this year and then did an even better job scouting top-notch remixers for this follow up. They both came out pretty much at the same time, which is weird, we were just getting to know the original tracks and the remixes already dropped. Even weirder is that the remix album was pressed in vinyl but the original is only available on CD and digital. But I guess it makes sense, having such a selection of remixes, because it's not only the Frikstailer's one that's dope, there's also some amazing work done by the omnipresent DJ Sabo and really dug the one by Dr. Das even though I have no idea who he is.


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