Wednesday, August 8, 2012

JOSE MARQUEZ-Remixes 2 (Basic Fingers, 2012)

LA-based house DJ/remixer José Márquez dropped this one recently and it was an unexpected surprise. Honestly when I saw that he remixed traditional cumbia standard "El Pescador" (a.k.a. "La Mezcla") my first reaction was like, what? why?
I mean, everybody and their mothers have covered that song already and it has already become a crossover house hit a few years ago in the hands of Michael Clais, with all its successive remixes. However, it took me only one listen to realize that this was a very different mix and worth of being added to my set. Even though it also took Toto La Momposina into the house music realm, it did so with a lot more focus on the percussion and the drums on this track are really a delight to listen to, to dance to and to mix. Also the break down, with her voice alone saying "entra la tambora" it's an instant eargasm.
Now if the percussion on the A side was dope, wait until you flip it to the Tego Calderón side. That was the real unexpected shit on this 12'' single. I'm not a big fan of Tego although I do respect him way more than all those phony-ass reggaetoneros with plucked eyebrows. I never would've thought his laid-back flow could be a good match for a 124 BPM house track but it works out great. Still, the good shit here is not in his voice but in the hypnotic tribal drums that never stop throughout the track. After all he's not really rapping anyway, he's just there talking like some African witch doctor during a psychedelic-infused session of trance dancing.
Can't wait to spin this one. It even has potential to crossover to some more Latin/mainstream crowd. We'll see how it works.
Also make sure you check out José Márquez remix of Nickodemus on his latest release, out now on ESL.

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