Monday, August 13, 2012

BONDI BLASTER-Salchichón Primavera (Stronghold Sound, 2012)

A couple of years ago we set out with Dub Snakkr to start a new label and produce some music together. Soon Stronghold Sound was born and our first project, Bondi Blaster.
The first thing I said, when we met at the studio was "I wanna release music in 7'' vinyl." It took us a long time and it's finally here. Now I can play my own track on my all-vinyl DJ sets.
Bondi Blaster's digital debut EP was a success, even better than we expected and we plan to make more new music but it's a very slow process, specially since Dub Snakkr has been traveling around the world and living abroad most of the year, putting together a compilation of African hip hop and reggae recorded in Guinea and yet another compilation of Arab hip-hop he's currently finishing in Lebanon.
In the meantime I've been taking care of the label's local operations and promoting Bondi Blaster and that's when Kay entered the picture and offered his services as remixer for our foundational track "Salchichón Primavera." I've kinda met Kay when he was touring as one of the DJs of Mexican Institute of Sound (while he also performed as part of NSM PSM). We played a show together at The Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco, and that show is until these days remembered by many as legendary, mainly because of my abnormal level of intoxication (all I remember was the security guy pulling me off the stage during the NSM PSM performance because I started to take of my clothes while rolling on the floor). That's why I said I kinda met him, because, really, I don't remember if we even got to talk.
Thing is, Kay listened to "Salchichón Primavera" and volunteered to do a remix even before we started reaching out to other producers to work on it. Originally we were going to include it in the EP along with all the other remixes, but he was taking way too long to finish it because half way through the process he decided it wasn't going to be an NSM PSM remix, he was gonna do it with Sonido Caballero instead. The result of that collaboration was so fucking amazing that we decided this has to be the vinyl debut for the label. So we decided to put out this limited edition 45 with said remix along with the original version of the track, the one that started the whole Bondi/Stronghold saga.
The remix will only be available on vinyl, no digital release for this (well, actually, we'll send you the MP3 if you buy the record, how about that?). There're only 300 copies so hurry up and get yours because these aren't gonna last.

Only pre-sale for US costumers only so far. Stay tuned for more distribution outlets coming up.

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