Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BONDE DO ROLE-Tropical/Bacanal (Mad Decent, 2012)

There's very little actual baile funk on Bonde do Rolê's second album and I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or not. I mean, are we ready for post-baile funk? I still like the old stuff, you know the Bambaataa-infulenced funk from the favelas, but this man, this is some crazy shit.
Don't get me wrong, there're a couple gems on this one. But besides the two or three obvious dance-floor-packing tracks, the rest of the album is full of random brega and kitsch and after a couple of songs of that singing style that resembles 7-year-old girls playground rhymes, my head starts to hurt. Add to that some punk guitar distortion and you have a mess of M.I.A.'s catastrophic third album proportions.
I get it, they're taking things to the next level, they don't wanna get stucked in successful formulas, they are taking risks, and all that I appreciate. But if these guys are, like I read somewhere, the Beastie Boys of baile funk, this new opus is no where near a Paul's Boutique type of only-for-connoisseurs experiment. 
Still, like I said, there're definitely some tracks that are safe purchases,  "Brazilian Boys" and "Bang" are some obvious choices (connect the dots: M.I.A. has a track titled "Boys" and a collaboration with Rye-Rye titled "Bang") but then there's that unexpected guest appearance by bossa-nova superstar Caetano Veloso singing over some up-beat African guitar that's sounds way better in reality than what you imagine reading this sloppy-ass uninspired description.

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