Sunday, June 17, 2012

THE FUNK ARK-Funky DC/El Beasto (ESL, 2011)

This one came last year, but I recently bought it when I was actually looking for any available vinyl release of their latest album, High Noon. I enjoyed The Funk Ark's debut last year, it was neat, but it didn't drive me crazy or anything. Their aforementioned newest release however, blew my mind, it became one of my favorite, most listened to, albums of 2012, on constant rotation on my living-room's cd player and a must-have for all road trips. It would definitely qualify for my Best Of list at the end of this year, if only it was something more explicitly Latin, but it's not. As far as I know the only Latin component in it is the album's producer Adrián Quesada (of Grupo Fantasma, Brownout) who brought High Noon's sound way closer to the Latin funk perfection than his own band(s) has ever been. Still, The Funk Ark is not Latin funk, it's a dope jamming funk band with some strong Latin and African elements.
Anyway, like I was saying, I was originally looking for High Noon on vinyl, or any 7'' single off it and so far I couldn't find any, which was very disappointing because I'd be playing the hell outta this on my vinyl sets if it was available. I guess High Noon is still a recent release and there's a chance ESL will make up their minds and invest on some very much deserved vinyl pressing for this. I mean, they did this 7'' last year for them and this new release is so much stronger, how could they not?
Still, while I keep waiting patiently to play the Quesada-produced High Noon on vinyl, I'll take this, that it's not as good but it's the best next thing. The b-side, "El Beasto," was my favorite track on that album anyway.

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