Monday, June 11, 2012

BROWNOUT-Flaximus/I Won't Lie (Kept Records, 2012)

Yet another sign of the 7'' record revival and I couldn't be happier. A new label, from Canada, set out to release funky music exclusively in this format (for now, at least) and for their second release they went with a single off Brownout's third album.
I honestly wasn't that excited with Brownout latest release, that's why I didn't review it here. I don't know, maybe I didn't listen to it with enough attention, but their previous two releases were a lot more interesting to me.
However, when I saw this was out on vinyl, I didn't think it twice and I grabbed a copy and I don't regret it a bit.
"Flaximus" is a really dope instrumental funk and I can totally picture blending it in comfortably into my sets. The b-side is a slower jam, with some scattered singing, nothing mind-blowing (it reminded me a bit of the psychedelic experiments of Echocentrics). Even though it should be still categorized as Latin funk/soul, the Latin elements are not very present on either of these tracks and I guess that was part of my disappointment with the album as a whole, it didn't have much of a Latin feel to it. Something weird coming from Adrián Quesada who also produced the latest release by DC's The Funk Ark (out now on ESL music) which has plenty more of that evident Latin feel (I desperately wanna see some 7'' singles off that album). Anyway, like I said, at least that one track here is tight as hell, and really original.
If you're a 7'' vinyl fiend like I am, I strongly suggest you keep an eye on these Canadians for future releases, so far they've shown to have remarkable taste and great quality for their records.

Buy it HERE.

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