Monday, May 7, 2012

CONGO SANCHEZ-T.E.T.O./Oleada Calor (ESL, 2012)

Regardless of what his name might suggest, Congo Sanchez is not really latino (maybe if he was, he'd know to spell his last name the proper way, Sánchez) but his music (somewhere in between funk and dub with an emphasis on percussion) has definitely some Afro-Latin elements. Hence, his debut release deserves a mention in The Hard Data. Especially because there's a 7'' single version going around and as y'all know I'm a big supporter of this specific format. 
I only knew about Congo Sanchez for his collaborations with DC's Los Empresarios but it seems like the guy has a pretty busy schedule contributing to the back-beat of many other high profile DC-based projects, including Thievery Corp., See-I and my personal favorites The Funk Ark. Then, somehow, he found some spare time to put out a humble EP as a solo artist, simply titled Vol. 1 and this 7'' single includes two of the tracks off that EP. I played it in my early warm-up set last weekend and it sounded great. These are subtle chill-mood grooves, very much in tune with the ESL catalog, Thievery fans will be pleased. I like it, but I'd much rather see him doing something more dancefloor-igniting, leaning more heavily into the funk side of it, you know, something that would feel at home in Fort Knox Recordings. 
Anyway, it's a great positive sign that ESL is still putting out vinyl, considering they have been releasing a lot of very interesting stuff recently that definitely deserves to be pressed in this format. I'm talking about The Funk Ark, Novalima and Afrolicious.   

Buy it HERE.

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