Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Future Sounds of Buenos Aires (ZZK/Waxploitation, 2012)

If when reading the playlist for this compilation you felt like you had deja vu, don't panic, it wasn't a glitch in the matrix.
As you may already know if you follow ZZK records, the Argentina-based ñu-cumbia label recently struck a deal with Waxploitation for their current and upcoming international releases and well, apparently Waxploitation decided to start from a clean slate, act like nobody ever heard of ZZK previous releases and introduce them to the world through this compilation that's sort of a Best Of ZZK Records.
But don't be too quick to dismiss this completely. There are actually a handful of new, unreleased tracks that's definitely worth adding to your collection. I'm talking about the Frikstailers' "Guacha" for example (my favorite of the whole collection) or La Yegros' debut for ZZK records with "Viene de mi". There are a few more that I don't remember from the top of my head and they were all very consistent with the high standards of quality that distinguish the label overall and they all became instant additions to my digital DJ set playlist.
The rest, however, as I mentioned before, are repeats and if you follow this blog I will go ahead and assume you probably have them all, or at least most of them. Some of them you may even have them double-repeated! Such is the case of Fauna's "Hongo x Hongo," which was included in that tribute album to Agrupación Mamanis a couple of years ago and then again on Fauna's second album Manshines. Another example is Chancha Via Circuito's "Prima," previously included in ZZK Sound Vol. 2 and later again in Chancha's Rio Arriba.
What this clearly indicates is that this is not meant to be taken as the highly awaited third volume of the ZZK Sound compilation that started it all and it's definitely not targeting the niche of those who have been following the ñu-cumbia scene since its inception (for whom the word "future," in the title, might sound a little off). What this new comp is trying to do is, as I exposed earlier, introduce these amazing artists to a whole new audience and revive the momentum of the ñu-cumbia movement worldwide. And I really hope they succeed in that enterprise.
Or, there's another possibility and this is just speculation, or more accurately wishful thinking: maybe this compilation is to be released as a double-LP vinyl in which case, everything I wrote above is to be totally dismissed because if there's something I desperately need is those tracks on vinyl to be able to play them in my "real" DJ sets, and with the exception of Chancha's "Prima" I don't think any of the rest had ever been pressed in that format. I'll cross my fingers.

Future Sound Of Buenos Aires drops worldwide May 1st.

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