Monday, April 16, 2012

BATIDA-Batida (Soundway, 2012)

And right here we have a solid contender to enter the top-11 list of the best albums of 2012. Yes I know it's too early for predictions of that kind, but I'm pretty confident about this release. Not only the great music, but the whole creative concept behind it is great and most importantly, the significance of it: just the fact that this is Soundway's first release of a current artist, as opposed to their usual reissues of obscure dug-out gems from the past, that in itself is a great sign, specially considering the high standards of Soundway releases and top-quality pressings of vinyl. This release is simply opening the doors to many more of the kind that will definitely come to fill my crates and be always handy when DJing a vinyl set.
What's Batida? You wonder. Well basically it's some DJ in Portugal taking the kuduro concept to the next level: to its imaginary past roots. Yes, he creates kuduro beats using samples from the analog era of African music, before they started using ringtone sounds, and the results are nothing short of amazing.
I don't really know where I'm gonna mix this in my regular sets, because they rarely go higher than 130BPM, butI think I'll be able to figure something out and make a worthy exception for this. But I simply just bought this to support this promising new phase of Soundway Records and wish them the best of lucks because I know for sure there's plenty more dope shit like this that they can release on those beautiful carefully-packed collectible records they put out. Coming up next, Quantic's newest project, Los Míticos del Ritmo, can't wait.

Order your copy HERE, or find it at your local record store.

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