Sunday, March 11, 2012

SPANGLISH FLY-Me Gusta Mi Bicicleta/The Po-Po (Electric Cowbell, 2012)

Two things I deeply love: 7'' records and my bicycle. Well, to be honest, I like bicycles in general, not really mine in particular. I mean, I love mine, because it's the only one I have, it's the one that takes me places and because I got it for free. But I'm not particularly infatuated with it. It's old, heavy, rusty, some gears don't work, the brakes screech really bad. The only good thing about my bicycle is that nobody wants to steal it. I had some fancy, modern bicycles before, they all got stolen. This one, nobody wants it, its resale value in the black market is probably way too low.
So I don't go around singing "Me gusta mi bicicleta"  but I would, because it's a catchy tune and I like songs about bicycles. I wish there were more. And the fact that it's sung by a female voice and she says that you must know how to ride a bike if you wanna be down with her, or something, that's dope. You see, I don't know how to drive cars. I'm 35 years old and I've never been behind the steering wheel of a motorized vehicle. So for me, riding a bicycle is not a hipster thing, it's pretty much my only choice.
I remember when I first moved to the US and everybody used to tell me, dude you need to learn how to drive and get a license or you won't get any pussy. Because of course, in their retarded view, only guys with cars are able to get dates with hot girls. Because that's what Hollywood movies teach you. I never cared about that. I got lucky with way more women than most of my car-driving male friends and that's because my confidence and my masculinity were never attached to a four-wheel vehicle.
Then riding bikes became the cool thing to do if you live in a city, and all wanna-be-cool guys ran to buy a fixie in order to get some hipster pussy, but I was doing it since way back then and for real reasons. I was never political about it, never participated in Critical Mass. Maybe because, unlike most of those who act like arrogant kings of the road, riding a bike wasn't a choice for me. I didn't sell my car to protest oil wars. I rode a bike because that's the only way I had to get around in a country where public transportation is so pathetic.
Anyway, Spanglish Fly just released this new tune on Electric Cowbell and I suggest you get a copy soon because they sell out quickly. It's their second 45 on that label and it follows the same retro-aesthetics of their previous one, trying to emulate the '60s sound of Latin soul, or boogaloo if you may. The B-side is about the Po-po and it's not bad either but it's the bicycle song the one that will definitely get more plays on my sets.

Buy it here.

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