Thursday, February 16, 2012

TEQUILA 7'' (Soundway Records, 2011)

So, the other day I went to the record store (yeah, I still go to those) planning to spend some money and I saw that triple-disc cumbia compilation that Quantic curated for Soundway and I was very much tempted to buy it.
It was about $30 and change, which is not much considering the monumental amount of tracks you get for the price, and specially considering most of those tracks are extremely hard to find and even if you find them in original pressing you'll probably have to end up paying about that same amount of money for each one of those songs separately, shipping costs and all.
Still, I didn't buy it and instead I bought this pretty 7'' single for $10. Now, that might sound like a very economically unwise decision, you might say. And yeah, I get it.  I'm paying about five bucks a song here when on the compilation each track would cost me merely above 50 cents (there are 55 fucking tracks on that comp!). But as you know, I favor the 7'' format over the LP and you know what? There're way more chances that I'll play these two heavy dance floor bangers on my sets than the many tracks on that comp. A triple-LP might sound great from the collector's point of view, but as a DJ, they are a pain in the ass, it takes fucking forever to find one specific song you wanna play among six record sides.
Anyway, I'll probably end up buying that comp too, just to have it, just to keep supporting one of the few labels out there who's still putting out Latin music on vinyl and with great quality and presentation.
Now as a side note, what I'm the most excited about is Soundway signing new, current artists. So far they've been a re-issues only label, but they are starting to branch out into releasing new music and I think that's amazing, specially considering their first announced release, a kuduro-inspired album by a Portuguese dude that produces sample-based music under the name Batida.
With this new move, Soundway is opening the doors to multiple interesting possibilities, among them probably releasing Quantic and Frente Cumbiero's joint project Ondatropica, that promises to be one of the most important releases of 2012 if not the most.
Anyway, that's my record review for today, you see, I barely even talked about the single itself, this is how we do it in The Hard Data.

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