Thursday, February 23, 2012

FRENTE CUMBIERO-Unconvention/Ika (NYCT, 2012)

Yes, yes, oh yes. I knew these guys were hiding some aces up their sleeves. I knew they had to have some more Frente Cumbiero stuff to release, specially after the success of "Ananas Tornillo," a track that became an instant classic and a sure candidate to top the list of best ñu-cumbia tracks of all times.
Now that Frente Cumbiero's Mario Galeano has joined the big leagues, representing Colombia in front of the rest of the planet along with the honorary Colombian music ambassador to Europe, Quantic, and before he becomes the world-renown eminence his destined to become, it's the perfect timing for Names You Can Trust to release this nugget.
The vinyl is not out yet, and I wouldn't usually review it until I have it in my hands, but I got a digital promo advance this morning and I couldn't contain my emotion, I had to share the news with y'all.
Following pretty much the same style of the previous NYCT single, this new 7'' by Frente Cumbiero has two new compositions full of crazy sample-based afro-psychedelia. Similarly to that one, this one too has a side that's more evidently cumbia-related, while the other one (aptly titled Unconvention) is way out there in the nondescript department, that's where he gets to experiment on the crazier side of extreme loop juxtaposition. The type of shit you'll probably play later in the night, once everybody is already drunk and sweaty jumping all over the packed dance floor.
As I mentioned, the vinyl is not out yet, so I don't have a purchase link to share yet (will be out in a couple of weeks though, so be patient). In the meantime, you can listen to the soundcloud preview here.

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