Friday, January 6, 2012

MUSTAFAYODA Y LOS METRICOS-La Poderosa (Sudamétrica, 2011)

I just came back from Argentina, where I bought a lot of records (mostly old cumbia LPs) and only one CD, this one by my old friend Mustafayoda.
I've mentioned him many times already on this blog, not because he is a friend, but because he's like the best representative of Argentine homegrown hip-hop, with a style that's totally his own which created a whole school of acolytes who follow him as an authentic caudillo of the Buenos Aires western outskirts.
This time around, the southern freestyle rap pioneer, has a new project in hands. He re-recorded many of his classic songs in totally new versions with a live band (Los Metricos) and the result is surprisingly good. I honestly didn't expected much, I though his hard-core anti-melodic vocal style wouldn't translate appropriately to the live band experience, but somehow it does. The lyrics are pretty much the same, but the music is completely different from the original versions and so is his flow, which turns the composition into refreshingly new material, instead of refried self-covers of old tracks. Wisely, he changed the titles of the songs to, thus, "El Niño" becomes "Bebes nacen," "Rondas Nocturnas" becomes simply "Rondas," and "Golpe de palmas" becomes "Para todos los perdidos." The impeccable production was almost entirely done by Gas-Lab (who also has a recently-released instrumental acid jazz album worth checking out) who leads the seven-member live band and lays down a few samples on the MPC. A project of epic proportions for the artist and for the independent, Argentine hip-hop scene as a whole.

Stream/Purchase it here.

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