Wednesday, December 14, 2011


1.- CALLE 13 "Latinoamérica": For second consecutive year, Calle 13 takes the best video of the year award at The Hard Data and that should not be a surprise to anybody. Simply put, Calle 13 is the most significant thing that happened to Latin music in the past decade. If this song doesn't give you goosebumps, you have no heart... or you don't understand Spanish.

2.- ANA TIJOUX "Elefant": Not an official video. At least it wasn't conceived as such. This dude in LA did a photo session with Ana the day of her show at the Grammy awards ceremony and then he voluntarily edited those photos with a little bit of video to the beat of DJ Dacel's mixtape and voilá, you have a mind-blowing video, for free!

3.- EL DUSTY "K Le Pasa": I always hated Texas for all the obvious reasons and I always said that'd be like the last state I'd move to (well, actually second to last, right behind Florida). But after watching DJ Dus, a.k.a. El Dusty throwing a party of this caliber to such an infectious tune, I decided it must not be so bad after all, right? Maybe I'll go visit sometime.

4.- MATI ZUNDEL "Señor Montecostes": This video is all wow from beginning to end. Maybe even a bit too much, I feel kinda guilty when I watch it, you know, like too much of a good thing can end up being bad or something. In a year when ZZK Records didn't release as many albums as we'd want them to, this astonishing video by Larartijeando's Mati Zundel made me forgive them and expect anxiously for 2012.

5.- DESNATURALEZ "No Te Pasi La Película": Here's one that you won't see at anybody else's best of the year lists. I outgrew hardcore hip-hop a long time ago, but this video is so good and the guys are such skilled MCs that it totally brings me back to my b-boy days when we used to go nuts for every new joint by VKR, CPV or Violadores Del Verso.

6.- PONCHO "Please Me": I don't usually miss the city where I grew up, but when I watched this video it really made me wanna go back to Buenos Aires. The Tourism Secretary of Buenos Aires should be using this video to promote the city. In just four and a half minutes it compiles all the reasons why it's the most amazing city in Latin America and why all the rest of the cities in the continent are hopelessly jealous because they'll never attain such a level of coolness.

7.- BOMBA ESTERO "Ponte Bomb": People here in the US fail to realize the global impact that European hip-house had in the 89/92 period, specially over those kids who, like myself, were teenagers then. Here they see Techntronic as just an embarrassing one-hit-wonder, but down in Latin America they were huge and this Belgian song was some sort of a dancefloor anthem for a whole generation, even when we didn't understand the lyrics. Plus, you get to see Li Saumet's booty... on the floor, tonight.

8.- BABASONICOS "Muñeco De Haiti": I'll always love Babasónicos and killer bees are hella cool, so yeah, this video also makes it into my Top-11. These guys always come up with the craziest, most original, concepts for their videos. Sometimes they work better than others, some are just too weird, but this one here is a lot of fun.

9.- CRIOLO "Fregues da Meia-Noite": Criolo is the best thing that came out from Brazil in a long time but I already made that statement and coerced you to download his album on a previous post so, I'll only say one word: sideboob.

10.- M.E.D. "Blaxican": Solid rhymes, Beats by Madlib, direction by Mochilla's Eric Coleman, what else do you need, shit is dope.

11.- CULTURA PROFETICA "Ilegal": As a general rule, mellow, romantic reggae bores the pants off me. I wouldn't give a video of this type of music a chance to convince me otherwise, unless, of course, it's packed with hot half-naked models. Plus, the video answers the long-standing question: can a dorky guy with a creepy-ass lonely dreadlock long enough to wipe his butt score with two hot girls at once? Only in his dreams.


ichheissederek said...

Y que? No te gusto "Para Mi" por Fauna (ZZK)??

Juan Data said...

no tanto como para estar entre los 11 mejores.