Friday, December 9, 2011


Right here you have the 11 new songs that I played the most on my DJ sets during 2011. Only songs released during 2011 qualify for this list, though. Yeah I know that sucks for songs that were released by the end of last year and I didn't incorporate them into my set until 2011 and it also sucks for songs that were released too close to the making of this list because I didn't have time to play them much. Lesson for labels who care about this bullshit, release your shit earlier in the year. Whatever, it doesn't really matter. This is basically what you've been listening in my parties during 2011 and you'll notice most of it is released on vinyl, because that's the format I've been playing the most this year. Also, there's no particular mathematical formula for sorting the songs, basically from 1 to 10 they are sorted in the way they came up to my mind and 11, as usual, is the bonus track, the oddball that I add for my own amusement and yours too.

1.- DJ RAFF "Cocaina"(Nacional Records): I was actually playing this one already since 2010 because Raff sent me an early bootleg version of it way before the album came out in 2011. It's a very slow tempo song so it's hard to mix it in my regular set that's goes from 95 to 130bpm, but it's so damn good that I had to make an exception and just drop it, many, many times.

2.- EL DUSTY "K Le Pasa" (Man Recordings): Perfect timing! Dus sent me this one right when I was getting my set ready to go DJ as an opening act for Chilean cumbia/punk outfit Chico Trujillo. The song samples the classic Colombian cumbia "El Conductor" by Mike Laure that particularly in Chile is one of the most famous cumbias ever thanks to the cover done by who else but Chico Trujillo? So when I played this right before they went on stage, the whole club went bananas! Five months later the video came out and it became a hit among bloggers and it caught  the attention of the German label Man Recordings who re-released it with new mixing and great sound. 

3.- QUANTIC "Un Canto A Mi Tierra (J Boogie Remix)" (Tru Thoughts): This one took a while to grow on me. I never really dug the original version and then these remixes came out and I was like, yeah, cool, but I still didn't play it because I still thought that the girl's voice sounded too extravagant and that would weird people out and distract them from dancing. But then I heard many other DJ's started playing it and I decided to give it a chance, so yeah, I changed my mind. Big time.

4.- CAPTAIN PLANET "Dame Agua" (Bastard Jazz)
: An instant hit that became mandatory on my sets since the first time I dropped the needle on the record. I just wish more Latin funky stuff like this was available out there so I wouldn't have to scramble so hard to put together a decent set of cool Latin music. Thanks to Bastard Jazz for sending me a complimentary vinyl!

5.- DJ RAFA CAIVANO "The Salmon Cumbia" (independent): I never really got into the whole moombahton craze that flooded the blogosphere in 2011 with clones and disposable MP3s, mainly because I consider it a passing fad, also because it soon lost any connection to Latin music whatsoever becoming its own thing, and last but no least, because there's no vinyl available. This is one "cumbahton" track, however, I played a lot this past year. Released for free by one half of the ZZK duo Frikstailers, it's one of the only two or three incursions in that bizarre hybrid genre that I allowed myself to indulge in.


6.- DJ NEGRO "Demencia" (Bersa Discos): Argentina's DJ Negro always finds a way to sneak into my best of the year lists. This one was included in 2011's only vinyl release by local label Bersa Discos and it's really dope if you play it at 45rpm instead of 33 like the rest of the record. Unfortunately couldn't find any stream available online.


7.- JD TWITCH "Cumbia 4"(Let's  Get Lost): A British DJ with no previous connection to Latin music, jumps in the bandwagon of the ñu-cumbia movement, late, travels to Colombia and comes back with a bunch of classics that he re-edits making them DJ-friendly but without giving proper credit to any of the original artists in a total bootleg white-label format. Wanna hate on this post-colonial exploitation by the Europeans of South American music, be my guest. Me, I love every second of it and I play the shit out of this vinyl. "Cumbia 4" is actually an extended mix of Wganda Kenya's "Tifit Hayed" a track that I was playing a lot already in its original incarnation, but I'll never have to do that again, since this version kicks so much ass and makes the club go crazy like nothing else.

8.- EMPRESARIOS "Cumbia (Nickodemus Remix)" (Fort Knox Records): This one was available digitally before 2011 on a Fort Knox compilation and I even included it on one of my mixtapes, but it didn't become a staple on my DJ sets until 2011 because that's when the vinyl came out, so for what it matters, on The Hard Data, you don't become really official until you press it on wax. Anyway, I've been playing a lot of Empresarios stuff this year, some of their new stuff too, but this one is still my favorite from them.

9.- CEAESE "2011"(independent)
: New school Chilean hip-hop of the best kind. I DJ'd a few hip-hop in Spanish events this year and every time I included this track and it stole the show. It's also available for free and that's great, so if you still don't have it, this is your chance to catch up.

10.- TOY SELECTAH "Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit" (Mad Decent): Similar to the Empresarios track, this one was available digitally for almost two years before the vinyl came out (very late) on Mad Decent records. So it wasn't until 2011 that I really started playing it in all my sets. Still, it hasn't gotten old.

11.- JUAN MAGAN "Bailando Por Ahí"(Sony Music): Because I still do mainstream Latin music parties and because I simply love the fact that this guy is from Spain and he broke into the game just a couple of years ago and all of a sudden took over and became the alpha-dog in the commercial dance music field previously dominated exclusively by Puerto Rican and Miami douchebags. I rather play ten back-to-back tracks by this guy than just one by Pitbull.


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Great tunes Juan. Thanks for sharing.

DJ Mafondo said...

Thanks for sharing Juan. Buenísima la selección.