Sunday, December 11, 2011

CAMPO-Bajofondo Presenta Campo (Bajofondo, 2011)

It's really frustrating when stuff like this happens. This album totally deserved to be on my Top-11 Latin But Cool Albums of 2011, in fact it could've easily been in the Top 3. But I didn't know it was already released until I this morning when I woke up thinking about "what ever happened to that Bajofondo side-project that seemed so promising?" and decided to go check online and yeah, it's already out, and it's been out for almost a month.
I'm a big fan of Bajofondo and when I saw that they had this new project, guided by Bajofondo's member Juan Campodónico, where they'd explore other South American sounds outside of the tango spectrum (meaning cumbia!!!) it blew my mind.
Ñu-cumbia produced with the world-renown impossibly high standards of Bajofondo, I mean, dude, it doesn't get much better than this, right? To be fair, only two of the ten album tracks fall into the ñu-cumbia category (and they both have lyrics in English!) but the rest is equally beautiful.
Now, the thing is, I can't wrap my head around how the fuck this ever happened? How come an album of this importance got away from me? Not that I'm claiming that I'm so important that they should've sent it to me personally before it came out, but hey, not only I'm a journalist who explicitly covers this type of music for more media than just this tiny blog, I've even already covered Campo on Remezcla. And more, I'm a fan of Campo and Bajofondo, and I follow them and I'm friend with their members personally on Facebook and I like spend most of my waking life online, I don't remember seeing anybody post anything, anywhere about this. And I'm friends with a lot of people who love Bajofondo, in fact whenever I go to a Bajofondo concert is like going to a friends reunion where every time I turn in any random direction I run into somebody else I know. What I'm trying to say is, if I didn't hear about this being released, I'm pretty sure 99% of my Bajofondo-loving friends out there don't even know it exists. So how is it even possible for this to happen? We're not talking about some obscure underground shit from back in the rancho here, we're talking about freaking Oscar-winning über-producer Gustavo Santaolalla.
Are they purposely playing the low profile card on this and expecting word-of-mouth to do all the promotional work? Or do they have the world's worst publicist ever? Dudes, call me, I can surely recommend you a good publicist.


Giovanni Gonzalez - Latinos A Morir said...

did you ever see the video of us partying with bajofondo at peña pachamama? were you there?

Juan Data said...

I was playing there too.

Rael Mora said...

Tienes toda la razon Juan. Si no fuera por tu blog no supiera de este álbum. Gracias.