Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GRUPO 2000-El Destape (Masstropicas, 2011)

Man, I need to try some of that ayahuasca!  I've heard this guy talking about his ayahuasca experience the other day and it was almost as trippy as doing it. Well, probably not even close, but it painted a very tangible picture of what it's like and I want it. If I have to fly down to fucking Peru and take a canoe up the river into the Amazonian jungle for three days to do so, I'll do it. But I much rather do it near home, somewhere where I can plug my record player and listen to this album while I trip my balls off.
Grupo 2000 did some crazy psychedelic chichas back in the mid '70s in Peru, but they never achieved any commercial success and faded into oblivion. In recent years their records became sought-after cult items by chicha collectors in part because they are extremely rare and most of them didn't survive the collapse of the vinyl format in the '90s. This guy from Massachusetts went down to Peru and somehow got ahold of the original master tapes of one of their most legendary recordings and is now reissuing it in LP format for the first time outside of Peru.
I didn't dig Masstropicas previous release that much because it was more focus on the later dominant style of chicha, full of singing with horrible cheesy lyrics (with the exception of a couple of instrumental percussion-heavy tracks that made the record a worth the purchase anyway). This new one however, is mostly all jungle frenzy ayahuasca-inspired musical trips with very minimal vocals, if any. That's the best chicha music has to offer, hypnotic fuzzy guitars and crazy up-beat percussion to take you into a dancing trance.
If you bought the Roots of Chicha comp that Barbés put together and you are still thirsty for more, look no further, this is the next step into the journey towards the amazonian psycho-funk. If you are already a chicha fan, I don't need to convince you, you know you're gonna buy this one. Oh, and keep an eye out for some exciting upcoming Masstropicas releases on 7'' singles!

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