Saturday, June 18, 2011

DOCTOR STEREO-La Cumbia Perdida (Names You Can Trust, 2011)

After surprising me last year with the best single of the year, and maybe the best single ever released since the rebirth of cumbia in vinyl, (I'm talking of course about Frente Cumbiero's Ananas Tornillo/Pitchito), I new that the good guys at NYCT wouldn't just stop there and would keep exploring the ñu-cumbia sounds with more great releases in beautiful 45's.
I was expecting with great anticipation the new Frente Cumbiero, but instead I  got this one by the virtually unknown Doctor Stereo. First I was like huh? Who the fuck is this? I mean, I think I know pretty much everybody doing sample-based cumbia back in my home country, Argentina, and I've never heard of this Doc, by the way, is the Stereo part of his name a reference to Bomba or Soda? Or neither?
Then I realized that it was actually a new alias of a well known DJ/producer called Ezequiel Lodeiro, who you may remember from last year's must-have release El Latinazo on Love Monk 10'' single. He's also the host of a highly regarded soul music party back in my hometown.
"La Cumbia Perdida" is a nice little piece, based on the percussion-heavy Colombian cumbia of Discos Fuentes beginnings (think the breaks of Los Teen Agers, Pedro Laza, Climaco Sarmiento, Sonora Cordobesa, etc) so it pretty much falls into the same category of Frente Cumbiero's release, but with a much cleaner, as in less excessively over-layered production style. Very different from the average ñu-cumbia that's been coming out of Argentina since the Zizek boom.
I haven't played it in my sets yet, but I'm leaning more towards playing the remix on the b-side because it has the addition of some afro-beat guitar that makes it delightful.

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Slim Jenkins said...

The melody of this song comes from Lucho bermudez' "Danza Negra", which has been redone countless times by other Colombian groups. I'm 95% sure that the Bermudez version is the original. He recorded it in two versions: one on the Lucho en Mexico LP with beautiful female vocals on top & an instumental version with Fred McDonald on keys (Zeida label).

Juan Data said...

You tha man!