Monday, May 16, 2011

TOY SELECTAH-Mexmachine (Mad Decent, 2011)

I've been very impatiently waiting for this one to finally drop for two main reasons. One, my old friend Toy Selectah has apparently been touring a lot lately or keeping himself busy with other projects and not releasing too much. I miss the times when we'd get a new Toy/Sonidero Nacional remix every other week. What happened to the prolific producer that two years ago delivered The Mexmore collection of remixes on Mad Decent and a memorable vinyl EP on Bersa Discos pretty much back to back?
For the past year or so, the maximum patriarch of this global ñu-cumbia scene has been very quiet, keeping us guessing about his next move and then they finally announced he was coming up with an official Mad Decent release, (on vinyl!), and I was like I want it now! Like the time when I was like 9 and I first saw the Battle Cat action figure on the window of a toy store and I knew I had to have it because there was absolutely no way I could play with my Masters of the Universe figures ever again if I didn't add that amazing green and orange tiger to my collection.
Which leads us to the second reason behind my impatience, it's been like two months since they announced it, a digital bootleg of the album leaked to the blogsphere long time ago and the EP that supposedly was gonna drop on April 12th didn't ship out until a whole month later. And I was one of the dumb fucks who pre-ordered it! So it's been a whole month plus four days of checking the mail every single day with the illusion of getting a package from Mad Decent and finding nothing instead. It's like if my uncle bought me that Battle Cat figure that same day (which he did, thanks uncle!) but then my parents wouldn't let me open it until the night of my birthday (which they actually didn't do, but it would've been hella fucked up if they did, right?). How dare you Mad Decent fuckers play with the illusions of a kid like that? And you didn't even send me the fucking "free sticker with every order" that you announce on your site? What's up with that? Not that the sticker would make up for the delay, you should've sent some free records instead. Dude, just a couple of weeks ago I bought some records from some other label and there was a two weeks delay in their delivery... I've got a free t-shirt and a CD! And I'm not even one of those who will be expecting free shit just because I write about it, I don't mind paying for stuff I like, like this. But this got me really pissed off, you know? I'm glad Toy Selectah is the only artist in Mad Decent I care about and that he's been releasing new stuff so sporadically lately, because I'd hate it if I was forced to buy stuff from these cats more frequently.
Anyway, the album is great, go and buy it here now that they finally have it in stock.

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