Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EMPRESARIOS-Sabor Tropical Remixed Vol. 2 (Fort Knox Recordings, 2011)

This type of shit always happens to me for doing such lousy job as a journalist and not properly reading the press releases I get. I just download the album, listen to it once, write a review with my first impressions and post it... and then I get in trouble. What did you expect? I mean, I do my serious research when I write articles for publications that pay me, but here I only do it for my own amusement, nobody pays me, they don't even thank me for my work, so I don't put too much thought into it. I mostly just improvise.
So, just yesterday I posted a review of Empresarios' Sabor Tropical Remixed and at the end of it I was wondering if there was going to be a volume two because that one was like missing all the good songs, or my favorites at least. And right away I've got a comment from someone at The Fort saying "yes, there's going to be a volume two you lazy fuck excuse for a critic, didn't you read the press release all the way through?" (I'm paraphrasing here so those might have not been the right words, but that's exactly how they echoed inside my head). Soon after that I've got another press release announcing the second volume and fulfilling all my requests!
Yes, the Nickodemus remix of "Cumbia" will be there, of course. But there're also many other gems that you can't afford to miss. There's two great remixes by DJ Sabo, one by Los Cosmico Bandidos (make a mental note to watch out for these guys) and the Kinky Electric Noise remix that we found out about through the comment of this blog months ago. There's more, but you see, I didn't have time to listen to it all (and once again I'm not doing my job right).
Well done Fort Knox, you double surprise me in just two days. Now it's just a matter of waiting patiently for the vinyl releases of these two beauties.

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