Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EMPRESARIOS-Sabor Tropical Remixed (Fort Knox Recordings, 2011)

Just yesterday I was listening to an MP3 preview of this upcoming Fort Knox release when the mail man called me to the door. He had a big package that needed delivery confirmation: it was a box full of vinyl records from my favorite record label ever, Fort Knox Recordings!
It included, amongst other awesome stuff, the Sabor Tropical LP which I didn't even know was available on vinyl already and was one of my favorite albums of 2010 (even though it was officially released in 2011, I reviewed it here in December so it made it to last year's top 11).
Sabor Tropical Remixed will also get vinyl treatment apparently, but it's coming out first in digital format in a couple of weeks. It includes multiple remixed versions of a handful of the original tracks including a super funky remix of "Happy" by Telephunken and a great upgrade of "Space Selectah" by the Fort Knox Five themselves. Just for those two tracks, it's a record worth acquiring.
Unfortunately it does not include any remixes of my personal favorite, "Cumbia," which was already remixed by Nickodemus and as far as I know that mind-blowing version was only released digitally (I mixed it on my Barbarie megamix). I don't know, maybe the vinyl will have a different track listing than the digital release, but I think it's a sin releasing a collection of Empresarios remixes without even one version of what in my opinion is their best song. Or, who knows, maybe that number one on the cover means that there's going to be a number two later on, with remixes of the rest of the songs, including "Cumbia."

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2Tuff said...

big ups Juan Data!!! thanks for the kind review....

the Cumbia remix is on EP 2, coming out two weeks after EP 1. the second remix ep has some super hot Sabo remixes as well as others by Zeb, Kinky Electric Noise, Los Bandidos and more. i think you're gonna love EP2.

hold tight brother - many thanks