Saturday, April 30, 2011

Digging, cumbia 45's for y'all!

I'm back with more cumbia 45's to share. Haven't been very active lately with all the wedding and my parents visiting and all that but piles of new records have been growing around my desk and it was time to get some of these out of the way. There're some really good ones this time around, enjoy!

AFROSOUND-Sabor Jibaro/Calor (Discos Fuentes, 1976): "Calor" is one of those irresistible Afrosound classics in the style of "Caliventura," great beat, nice organ, almost no vocals, great dance track over all. "Sabor Jibaro" on the other hand has more of a salsa feel to it with all those arrangements, it's more down-tempo but you can still dance to it, it gets pretty good in some parts but nothing memorable, never as hot as "Calor".
LOS DESTELLOS-El Campesino/La Pastorcita (Líder, date unknown): A Peruvian chicha first for my selections of shared 45 rips. The record was pretty old and dirty and doesn't sound so great, but you can still enjoy that awesome psychedelic guitar working it on "El Campesino." Both songs are about poor farmers and their miserable life, are we supposed to dance or cry?    
DOMINICA Y SU CONJUNTO-El Cucambe/La Manzana (Mary Lou Records, date unknown):I don't know anything about the artist here and I couldn't find anything online. It's pressed in the US, but the musicians could be from anywhere, who knows. Still, two great up-tempo tracks designed to ignite the dance floor.
DANDY BELTRAN-Cumbia Del Ecuador (Dan-Ed Records, date unknown): Another totally unknown. Maybe Dandy is from Ecuador, but I doubt it, the b-side is a boring ass bolero called "Cielo Argentino"(not included in the rips) and I don't think his Argentine either. Maybe the guy traveled through South America and dedicated one song to each country he visited. Still, this is the first cumbia I find that talks about Ecuador and it's pretty good. The record was pressed in Hollywood, CA.
HUGO BLANCO Y SU CONJUNTO-Oro Chocoano/Agua Fresca (Discos Fuentes, date unknown): Discos Fuentes in the '70s released a lot of stuff that wasn't necessarily cumbia like this oddball here. With its Spanish guitar, it sounds pretty much like an all-instrumental rumba, but then it has those weird phased drums... I don't know what the hell they were trying to do here. Anyway, the record is hella dirty and it sounds like a frying pan on high heat.

LIBERACION DE VIRGILIO CANALES-La Pantera Rosa (Sultana, 1977): My favorite from this batch. Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther Theme" reworked as a dope cumbia! I don't know who Virgilio Canales is and I've never heard of his band Liberación. I assume he's Mexican, because that's where the record was pressed, and that he mostly did covers, because the b-side (not included here) was a wacky Spanish version of Steve Wonder's "Sir Duke".
ROY RODRIGUEZ-Cumbia Cartagenera/Negra Cumbiambera (INS, date unknown): Some classic Colombian golden age cumbias by a lesser known name on a lesser known label but as good as the best Discos Fuentes from the time. "Cumbia Cartagenera" is a must have for any cumbia party and "Negra Cumbiambera" opens up with a sampleable clean break. What else do you want?
PASTOR LOPEZ  Y SU COMBO-Traicionera/Mi Compadre Villanueva (Discos Fuentes, 1978): A Colombian by adoption, Pastor López is actually Venezuelan and it shows in his dance pop hit "Traicionera" in a style that influenced a lot of 80's tropical music. On the much more laid back b-side he tries to sound more traditionally Colombian.


Africolombia said...

Juan Data,
felicitaciones por todos los discos.
un fuerte abrazo desde Barranquilla, Colombia

Juan Data said...

41 lectores los bajaron (hasta hoy), solo uno agradeció. tenía que ser colombiano y cumbiero de ley! Saludos compadre mis respetos y admiración por tu trabajo.

Dimosthenis said...

Please repost! Thank you!!

Juan Data said...

Sorry, you snooze you lose.