Thursday, April 14, 2011

BERSA DISCOS #7-DJ Negro/El Nosotros (Bersa Discos, 2011)

It's been a while since the previous Bersa release. This one has been unofficially announced a long time ago, I've heard about it from Oro11 and DJ Negro himself many times, but for several reasons its release has been delayed until now. So you can imagine my excitement when I opened the mailing box yesterday and found this twelve inches of shiny black beauty.
Above all, I really appreciate the work and love that the Bersa guys have been putting in their releases. I love the fact that they release exclusively vinyl and that they have given the opportunity to showcase their talent to many otherwise unknown foreign artists. Like these two right here.
El Nosotros, I have no fucking idea who he is. I read he's from Canada or something, but I've never heard about him. DJ Negro, on the other hand is like Argentina's neo-cumbia best kept secret (even though he's been on Bersa Discos more than once already). He's like everybody's favorite producer (and by everybody I mean Toy Selectah, Oro11 and myself) but he hasn't blown out to international recognition quite yet, just because he's not part of the Zizek elite. But while Zizek in its recent releases has been straying further away from its cumbia roots, Negro comes from deep down the local cumbia underground and he's not going anywhere else.
There's almost no cumbia in El Nosotros' side, outside from the predictable sample of La Sonora Dinamita's cheesy-ass classic on the first track. The rest all goes around the reggaetón beat, sped up but not enough to reach moombahton tempo.
Negro opens up with an oddball, a remix of "Por qué te vas" an old romantic song by Spanish singer-songwriter José Luís Perales that I absolutely abhor, I guess because it fashes me back to some dark repressed memories of my toddler years, when the original was popular. "Por qué te vas" was a huge hit in Latin American romantic radios in the '70s and it's been covered in cumbia form many times before, from Mexican cumbia sonidera to Argentine cumbia villera (it was also covered plenty in other formats, like this one version by indie-pop weirdos Los Super Elegantes). What I'm trying to say here is that it doesn't matter how many times they cover it, or even if the one doing so is the best cumbia producer in Argentina, the song still sucks ass so I most probably won't be including it in my DJ sets.
The ones I will be playing as soon as tonight are the other two, both authentic DJ Negro bangers. The last one, "Demencia" for some unexplained reason comes in rebajada version, which I guess works out great if you're doing a dub set but it turns into a great dancefloor killer if you switch it to 45rpm.
Well done Bersa, keep 'em coming!

Buy it here soon, there's only 300 copies available and I already have mine so 299.

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