Thursday, March 3, 2011

GRC Bailables Vol. 2-Colombia/Puerto Rico (NYCT, 2011)

Greenwood Rhythm Coalition (a.k.a. GRC) is rapidly turning into my new favorite band and Names You Can Turst into my favorite label. One of the reasons for this is that they keep printing 7'', like this beauty right here, the other is that they adapt to DJ needs a lot of great classic tunes that otherwise it'd be too hard to mix.
I had these MP3s already, they give them out for free on their website (presumably because they don't own the rights to any of these songs), but the very same day they vinyl version was out for sale I felt compelled to snatch a copy right away.
The record comes with tiny hole and minimum information on the label (presumably for the same reasons exposed above) but it's a release as dope as any of their "legit" ones. Side A is called Puerto Rico and it's a remix of José Mangual "Bomba a Puerto Rico;" on the flip side the label reads only Colombia and it's, of course, a cumbia: "La Botellita" by César Castro. I mentioned the second one already on my previous post because it has the exact same intro of "Suéltala pa' que se defienda" and probably many other cumbias, since as we all know, they all used to rip each others off.
GRC plays along the classic, adding some tight funky beats and then they even go into a dubbed-out break down in the third half, solving the problem that many original old-school cumbias share, of leaving very little room for the DJ's to work with. GRC versions, remixes or re-edits, whatever you wanna call 'em, bring out the best of the originals with respectful minimum adjustments making the songs DJ and dancefloor friendly.
Man, how I wish I had these guys jamming in my garage, I'd come down with every old-school cumbia record I have that's hard to play because the tempo is not constant or it has a very short intro or outro and no breaks and say, "hey guys, make me a DJ-friendly version of this one here" and I know it'll be tight and I'll be able to play it that same night experiencing no trouble at all.

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