Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DJ STILL LIFE-Try Otra Vez (Bstrd Boots, 2011)

This is exactly the type of shit that makes me happy. Last year I wrote on Remezcla a review for DJ Still Life's cumbia tribute to Aaliyah when it came out for the anniversary of her death. It was distributed as a free download, like most bootleg MP3s out there and this song in particular became an instant hit, for me at least. That same night I played it at my weekly gig and since then I can't remember doing a single digital cumbia set without it.
It has a great beat to please the hardcore cumbia fans and it makes the mainstream gringos come out and join the dance craze because they recognize the vocals. So I usually play it during the first quarter of the night and it always gets a great response.
I liked it so much that I selected it as the best mash-up of 2010 on the annual Hard Data Awards. Unfortunately the track was only available on digital format so I couldn't play it when I did my all-vinyl nights. Well, guess what, somebody in Brooklyn just made my dream come true and released that very same song on a beautiful 7'' single. To make things even better, the b-side comes with the instrumental track and it's one of those instrumentals that you don't really appreciate how great it is until you actually listen to it without the vocals. I've just got it and in a few minutes playing around with Torq I put together this rough mash-up with an acapella by Control Machete. Check it out.

Do yourself a favor, buy this here.

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