Monday, March 21, 2011

DANAY SUAREZ-Polvo De La Humedad (Independent, 2011)

Right off the bat I'm gonna tell you: stop reading this, go and buy this album now! Done? OK, this has to be the like best thing I've heard in a long, long time. Scratch the like, this IS the best.
Some of you may remember Cuban femcee Danay Suárez from last year's Gilles Peterson's comp Havana Cultura, where she was like the new, unknown, unsigned talent who really stood out.
She has a beautiful voice and she can rap as good as she can sing, she's got lyrics, she's got flow, she's got street cred (hello, she's Cuban!) and she's gorgeous. So, of course Mr. Peterson developed a crush on her and right after the comp, made her record an EP in an improvised jam session. Cool jazzy stuff.
But now she dropped her official debut, an album with an odd title and a weak cover but also with some of the best rap in Spanish tracks I've ever heard in my life. And you know I've heard a lot, A LOT, of Spanish rap.
Granted, I have a thing for female rappers, I openly admit it, everybody knows it, but this goes way beyond any fetish of mine. Danay's talent is superlative and undeniable. And on top of that she's young, this is just her debut; how many rappers you know who have such a strong, serious, coherent, mature, first album? Nas? Do I dare compare this album to Illmatic? Sure, why not? Guess what, like young Nas, she also doesn't rely on guest appearances, it's pretty much all hers. And she may not have Pete Rock, Large Professor and Primo on the beats, but whoever did the production for this (especially considering the production limitations inherent to the blocked island) has very little to envy from those.
I know it's still too fresh to make predictions and I've heard this album only once (I only downloaded it minutes ago--a true case of love at first hear) but I'm pretty sure that right here I have a strong contender for 2011's Best Album. Watch this video and try not to get goosebumps.

Available on Itunes or Amazon.

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