Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Colombia 45 (Soundway Records, 2011)

I was all torn up when I found out that The Pinker Tones had canceled their California tour due to the sickness of one of their members. I was really excited to see them live. I haven't seen them since their 2006 show in LAMC and that's because they never came to the Bay Area (with the exception of the time they came with the Warped Tour in '08 which I wasn't gonna go, of course). And I was even more excited since I was supposed to open for them. We even did a short but funny interview last week in anticipation to the show. Good times!
But then, today, I got the news of  the cancellation and I was like what? Really? I wanted to cry, but that's when I checked the mail and I found this package and all of a sudden my smile came back and I completely forgot about those Spanish dudes.
I mean, just take a look at the beauty of the packaging, you don't even have to have a turntable to want this. It's three beautiful 7'' records packed in individual black sleeves and then into a cardboard larger sleeve with silkscreen printing and the records look like old school Discos Fuentes, but they are brand new and they sound great and I just wanna hang this on my wall. I should just buy a second copy to take to the DJ gigs.
Soundway has been reissuing classic Afro-Colombian cumbia (and beyond) for a while now and they had done a great job with their compilations, but now they are also releasing reissues in 45RPM and for a confessed fetishist of the format like myself, that's like a waking up from an erotic dream with a raging hard-on and finding out Rosario Dawson is laying down naked next to me.
This collection includes rare cuts, most of them instrumentals with major breaks, by Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros, La Sonora Cordobesa and Banda 20 de Julio de Repelón. Considering how hard it's to find good classics Discos Fuentes 45's in this side of the world without having to sell the soul of your first born male to the devil to be able to afford them, this collection is a blessing and I'm really crossing my finger for more of these from the Soundway guys. I just wish more actual record stores around here carry this stuff, because shipping charges from the UK are a bitch.


øשlqæda said...

found you by tracing back some of yer cumbia 45s i found. would be extra nice if ya ripped this one too :) love what you're doing over here

Juan Data said...

sorry, but I don't share bootlegs of records that are currently available for purchase. Only old stuff.

Lauritzín said...

qué lástima-- i was looking forward to the pinkertones in oakland this weekend! where have they announced it?

Juan Data said...

It was announced yesterday through their facebook page, they canceled all their California scheduled shows.

bboy hope said...

i just started to be a member of this blog i hope i can find here latin breaks