Thursday, March 17, 2011

THE BINARY CUMBIA ORCHESTRA-Cuchifritos 1 (Chusma Records, 2011)

Just a few years ago all the cumbia that was available on 7'' vinyl was pre-1991. After the closing down of pretty much all vinyl pressing plants in Latin America, cumbia DJs across the continent were really fast in adopting the CD and vinyl (7'' in particular) became obsolete. Who would've thought back then, or even five years ago, that the format would experience a sudden rebirth in the XXI century? 
Now thanks to the interest in cumbia by European and US-based DJs (who have money to spend in records, unlike the Latin American DJ's who rely 99% of the times on piracy), we have indie record labels in places like New York, Oakland or Germany releasing singles in 45rpm all over again, and that, for a fetishist collector like myself, has been one of the most welcomed side-effects of the ñu-cumbia crossover phenomenon.
Just take this one for example. The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, from La Plata, Argentina, just dropped their debut single on Chusma, and it's announced as the first volume of a series titled Cuchifritos. I'm really crossing my fingers, hoping they keep their word and release more shit like this because this is so good I can't stop listening to it.
On one side we have "Bo D' Gh," I don't know what the fuck the name of the song means, and it's an abstract composition that could've easily been included on the ZZK comps. The b-side is a remix of a remix of a modern classic of Mexican cumbia. "La Inconformable," sometimes also known as "La Inconforme" or simply "Siempre La Misma Situación" (that's the title most likely to show up on file sharing) was a big hit in Mexico thanks to the Sonora Skandalo version. Here we have a TBCO remix of an earlier version of that song by Grupo G later re-remixed by Schlachthofbronx (it took me like a full minute to type that name).
The lyrics are about a guy taking this one girl out on a date and she takes forever to get ready because she never knows what to wear and her lack of decision power over all ultimately drives him crazy. What turned this otherwise silly song into a hit however was the intro with those trumpets that sound like car horns during a traffic jam. I have no idea who the original author is, as usual, but I'm really digging this remix right here and I can't wait to mix it in my next cumbia set. I'm predicting this will be one of the hottest tracks of 2011, at least for The Hard Data Awards. 

Keep vinyl alive. Get it here.

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