Sunday, February 6, 2011

GLORY HOLES-DJ Juan Data's 7'' Fetish (Free Mix)

I was thinking that I talk way too much about my love for 7'' singles on this blog and yet all my released mixtapes have been digital collages of MP3s. I love the digital format for its infinite possibilities, there's way more music available (and it's a lot easier and cheaper to find) and way more effects, filters and techniques to make transitions more rich and complex. I always tried to take digital mixing to the limits by doing stuff that would be physically impossible to reproduce in the real world, like mashing up bits and pieces from four or more tracks at the same time and shit like that. 
But in the last couple of years, simultaneously with the expansion of my digital experimentation, I've recovered my original love for the vinyl format and for the 45RPM singles in particular. Many of the fruits of my obsessive collecting had been shared with the readers of this blog. In the last few months I've been more and more inclined to take out my racks of records to the gigs and leave the laptop at home and even though my skills with vinyl mixing are extremely limited, I enjoy the sound and the physicality of the format a lot more than the MP3. There's something magical about it that you have to experience yourself, I can't really explain it in words.
So, I felt it was due time to release a mixtape produced entirely with vinyl and to make things a little (or actually a lot) more complicated, I decided it had to be only 7'' vinyl, my personal favorite. 
Now I know many of you are not necessarily vinyl collectors and only listen to music in digital format like pretty much everybody else nowadays, so you probably don't know how difficult is to run into decent music published in this format, let alone Latin (but cool) music. 
I'd say that nowadays maybe less than 1% of all Latin music released to the market internationally is pressed in vinyl (keep in mind there're virtually no running vinyl pressing plants in Latin America) and most of that 1% (many of which are reissues and compilations released in Europe and the US) is pressed in the standard LP format of 12''. 
The 7'' single was still quite common in Latin music up until the late '80s sometimes even early '90s in some places and then it suddenly disappeared completely. In the Anglophonic world the format remained alive beyond the '90s in genres like reggae, punk and indie rock but nothing like that happened with Latin music.
So, if you wanna collect Latin (but cool) music in 7'' format you either have to dig into the old dusty piles of mostly '70s and '80s stuff that managed to survive the vinyl extinction or the few that are released nowadays thanks to the current -but still tiny- phenomenon of reemergence of the format. 
I'm gonna take the opportunity to thank all the record labels that still believe in this beautiful format and are putting out new amazing music, Electric Cowbell, Alala Records, Names You Can Trust, Discos Unicornio, etc. without whom this mixtape would've been impossible to conceive.    
And for all of you who like my intricate post-modern sonic collages better, do not despair, there's more coming soon.


Andrew said...

this is great! Can you post a tracklisting?

Juan Data said...

sure, as usual you can see all my mix's playlists on my PLay FM channel.