Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GECKO TURNER-Truly (Lovemonk, 2010)

I had a hard time liking Gecko Turner's latest album, Gone Down South. Unlike his previous two albums, Guapapasea and Chandalismo Ilustrado which were love at  first listen, this one is a lot less accessible, and it has virtually no dance-floor appeal. I still have songs from Guapapasea and and his remixes collection, Manipulado, under the must-play category of my DJ sets, but I doubt any of his recent work will make it there.
That's why I had my serious doubts when purchasing this 7''. But as you all by now should know I have a fetish for this format and I'll support with my hard-earned cash the few still-standing record labels that put Latin (but cool) music out in it.
"Truly" is the first single of Gone Down South and it's a classic '60s soul song, in English, with no Latin or Afro-Latin or Afro-Brazilian influences at all. So I'm missing all my favorite side from Gecko, and I'm honestly not too much into classic soul, but still, it's a pretty decent tune. Now the B-side is a remix by Moonstarr with a tight funky back beat bringing up the dance potential of the track, for a moment it even gets all Brazilianized with a samba loop too, and then closes with a clean break beat. So that one has way more chances of entering my DJ playlist (if I ever record a new Gloryholes mix, it'll definitely be there, that's for sure). However, I would've preferred if other track was chosen for the single release because I'm not a big fan of Spaniards singing in English.

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