Wednesday, February 23, 2011

THE ECHOCENTRICS-Sunshadows (Ubiquity Records, 2011)

Lately, I've been so focused on my DJing that I unwillingly neglected a lot of amazing music on the more mellow, downtempo, trippy side, that is not dance-floor oriented. So I decided to change that.
Back in the early 2000's I was DJing a lot more lounges and I was deep into all the new bossa nova and electronic tango that was coming out at the time, along with the instrumental hip-hop that was big back then (Grandcentral, RJD2, etc) but since my playlist became cumbiacentric and I became a nightlife mercenary plying commercial tunes at big clubs, I kinda lost interest on the more delicate sounds of the slower side of the spectrum.
However, since I moved in with my fiancé I've been sort of rediscovering all that music because she enjoys listening to it as background while we do home chores together and stuff. She's a lot more into soul than I am, so every time I run into a record like this one here, I burn it for her to play it on the living-room stereo. Shafiq Hussein's last year's En' A-Free-Ka has been, hand down, the most played CD on that pile and even though I still love it, I've been trying to replace it by subtly introducing new CD's. I even made a soulful mixtape, Gloryholes, with the secret intention of getting one of my mixes on her rotation (and it worked, so I'm planning on another one).
The Echocentrics' Sunshadows will definitely be my next inclusion into this living-room listening girlfriend-approved pile. It's a new side project by Adrián Quesada (the talented Texan musician behind Grupo Fantasma, Brownout and Ocote Soul) and let me tell you, it's as beautiful as it's trippy. Downtempo funky beats, fuzzed out guitars and dubbed out bolero melodies, plus lyrics in Spanish, English and Portuguese provided by Argentine Natalia Clavier (who we know from her singing on her husband Federico Aubele's albums) and Brazilian Tita Lima. That sounds like a pretty good formula to me and I'm pretty sure my fiancé will play the shit out of this. 

Listen/Download the first single here.

PS: Coming from Ubiquity Records, I'm really hoping for some vinyl release of this too!

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