Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MR PAUER-Soundtrack (Independent, 2011)

There's one US city that has historically and systematically affected negatively the overall image of Latin music, turning it into synonym of cheesy, commercial and utterly uncool. That's, of course, Miami, Fl.
Known worldwide for its shallow and image-obcessed dance scene, Miami has given the world some of the most annoying summer hits to ever pollute the airwaves with the Latin label attached to them. I'd even go as far as saying that it's thanks to Miami and its pop artists (from the Estefan assembly line to Pitbull and his clones) that Latin music is almost never taken seriously by the mainstream Anglo world (just look at the Grammy nominations for the Latin music category on any given year!).
That being said, every once in a full moon, I receive an album from a Miami-based artist that defies all my preconceptions and surprises me with its freshness, leaving me with the hope that, somewhere in that city there must be an interesting underground scene that counteracts the generic bad taste dominant in the peninsula.
Mr. Pauer is a good example of this. I found out about him last year through Locos Por Juana's Evolución, where he provided the best remix. Now he's releasing his debut album, Soundtrack, with seven freshly squeezed tracks of pure Floridan electropical, not from concentrate. In one of them, Locos Por Juana's frontman Itagui returns the favor by delivering some vocals and the result is the first song of 2011 that I actually liked!
Release date for Soundtrack is Feb 15th. Check on Mr Pauer's website for more info.

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