Thursday, January 27, 2011

DJ DACEL-Sol De Octubre (Potoco Discos, 2010)

I was waiting for this one for a while, since I first saw that amazing promotional video they posted on youtube last year. I finally got my hands on it yesterday and I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.
Not that the album is bad, at all, it's actually great. As I've said before, Chile has delivered some of the best quality hip-hop to ever come out of Latin America and DJ Dacel is really at the top of the game. Fortunately, thanks to Ana Tijoux international breakthrough last year, many of you abroad are finally catching up with the Chilean hip-hop goodness. As for myself, I've been a fan of Dacel (who contributed scratches to Tijoux's tracks on many occasions) and his artsy rap crew, FDA for a decade now and when I heard about his first solo project coming out, I was expecting something else.
You know, hip-hop DJ/producers are usually restricted by the rap-song rigid format when making their beats: eight bars intro, sixteen bars verse, eight bars hook, scratch a little bit in between, etc. So, when a DJ is finally able to break away from that formula and make their own shit the way they like, that's when often the best stuff comes out. I hate it when DJ's finally release an album on their own and all it is is a who-is-who of his rapper friends featuring over said DJ's beats. Even if the beats are dope. That's just a rap album. I want a DJ/producer album!
Knowing Dacel as a huge fan of J Dilla (he even hosts a Dilla tribute party) and his school of beat production, I was hoping for something more abstract, in the lines of Dilla's masterwork Donuts, maybe some madlibian experiments with the MPC, you know, that type of shit. I know he is capable of something like that and the Chilean hip-hop scene is advance enough to welcome it. Plus he would get way more international exposure if he focused more on the beats and move the rappers to the sidelines. Look at where DJ Raff is now after Raffolution and the two Traveling Partners digital EPs.
That being said, if you like tight beat production made of 100% pure vinyl samples, and you don't mind people talking over them, you should definitely try to get a copy of this. Unfortunately, so far, it's only available legally in Chile.


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