Thursday, December 9, 2010

MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND-Suave Patria (Nacional Records, 2010)

I'm the one who's been busting Nacional's balls since forever demanding that they print more vinyl, so I feel compelled to show them some extra love for releasing this beauty. A six-track vinyl EP by Mexico City's king of the bizarre sonic collages.
To be fair, I gotta mention that Nacional also recently released vinyl of Nortec's latest opus, so things are starting to look promising. Still no vinyl of Ana Tijoux (which I openly begged for and now it'd make more sense than ever since she's nominated for a Grammy and got picked as best Latin album of the year by Amazon) or other artists that would greatly benefit from this format like The Pinker Tones, Latin Bitman, Quiero Club and Bomba Estereo.
But I understand, I know how expensive is to release music in this format and there's very little profit to be made, especially in the Latin music department where unfortunately vinyl wasn't able to keep a highly revered fetish status that has in other genres (hip-hop, house, reggae, indy-punk). But I've been saying it for a while now, vinyl is coming back big and true Latin music lovers are turning more and more towards this format. And this could benefit labels too, since Latinos across the globe never really caught on the whole idea of paying for MP3s...
So yeah, there's a new Mexican Institute of Sound. After the successful Soy Sauce, Camilo Lara steps away from the mic and leaves aside his wacky rapping to focus in what he does the best: producing cut-n-paste dope beats. This is obviously, a lot more DJ-orinted and less pop-friendly and it's exactly what I was missing in Soy Sauce (that and his dub escapades from his early work that I'm still missing). It has some elements of cumbia (cumbia de sal!!!), mambo, danzon, mexican traditional, whatever old-timey Latin stuff he can get his hands on and I can't wait to spin this tonight.
PS: The EP is also available digitally through all the usual channels, but do yourself a favor and pick up this vinyl here.

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Bart Provoost said...

just bought the M.I.S. cd, it's incredible!!!!!