Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LOS RIBEREÑOS-Silbando (Electric Cowbell, 2010)

I'm gonna have to move to New York City. Three of my favorite record labels are based there, they've recently joined forces for this magnificent release and I feel left out of the party being all the way on the west coast.
Barbés released a few months ago the second volume to their successful Roots Of Chicha series, remember? Now one of the tracks included in that comp got licensed for Electric Cowbell to release in 7'' vinyl; exactly what Barbés was missing! For the b-side, instead of selecting another song, they commissioned a remix of it to the Greenwood Rhythm Coallition (also known as GRC) the house band at Names You Can Trust (the label that released Frente Cumbiero's indispensable debut single). So there you have it, three of the best labels that are out there, all in one single release.
The original track is a classic chicha with a slow intro that later picks up and gets all cozy and dancy, but from a DJ point of view the intro is too long an obstacle, so for the remix, to make it more mix-friendly, the GRC version got rid of that and starts with a clean four-bar funky break that later they keep under the unaltered melody of the track, until the very end when it turns into a dubbed-out outro. Overall a very respectful remix that works out great and I can't wait to give it a test on the dance-floor in my next gig.
I really hope this collaboration leads into more releases alike. Barbés has a impressive catalog including many gems that would benefit, no doubt, of some vinyl treatment. Electric Cowbell is doing a great job quality-wise with their record pressing and I just love the fact that they only print 45s. And the GRC has been doing so many dope remixes of Latin stuff that they are quickly becoming a must in my DJ sets. Here goes my unconditional support for future collaborations.
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